What our families say about us

“I am blessed and privileged to have had my son benefit from the excellent speech therapy offered by Jaime Miller. Patient and professional describes her manner while effective and efficient describes her method. Jaime determined my child's level of performance and successfully elevated to the highest attainable level through their weekly sessions. She was a formidable advocate for our seven-year old son during case conferences as she strived to get the best available help in the Carmel Clay School System.”​  Lauren Dungy

Thank you for all you did to help me improve at saying the ‘r’ sound. I have noticed much improvement when speaking. Before I came to you, nobody could understand my speech. Now, everybody can understand my speech!  I would definitely recommend you as a speech teacher.

Male Articulation student who saw Jaime  |  11 and a half years old

I can’t say enough about how much Jaime has helped my son. She came highly recommended and I see why! She keeps him engaged, motivated and excited to come see her every week.

Jill Downey

We’ve had a wonderful experience here! My five year old has improved in speech clarity tremendously, and his stutter is gone. The staff are incredibly warm and welcoming. So happy we found y’all!

Lindsay Lambert Blythe

Both of my children were seen by speech therapists at Pediatric Speech and Language Solutions. The office is quite flexible, friendly, and open to conversation and questions. My children actually enjoyed doing their “homework” given by the office. I highly recommend this practice and practitioners.

Lori Donner Hildebrand

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Pediatric Speech and Language Solutions! My son had no words before meeting Jaime and she had him talking in sentences very quickly. My other son is now with her and is flourishing! My third son will soon be starting. Jaime is brilliant and the kids love her. Her office is colorful and inviting as is her personality. Children absolutely adore her. She is a gem. I’ve referred so many people who now also sing her praises. Happy 10 year anniversary!!!

Steffani Fox Harrell

Our 2 year old was barely speaking - We knew he could understand everything but he wasn't interested in getting his own words out. We found Jaime at Pediatric Speech and Language Solutions and she truly changed the life of our little guy! He is now 3 1/2 and meeting ALL the speech milestones for his age. Once Jaime got him talking she then worked on pronunciation. It's so amazing when we see family or friends and they comment on how easily they can understand Taylor now and are impressed at how far he has come. I would highly recommend Jaime - We have now "graduated" and we all miss her. Not only is she a great therapist but she is also such a kind and warm person and it makes it so easy for students to love her and want to work with her! Again - Highly Recommend!

Christy Fisher
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