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What Our Customers Say About Us 

"I am blessed and privileged to have had my son benefit from the excellent speech therapy offered by Jaime Miller. Patient and professional describes her manner while effective and efficient describes her method. Jaime determined my child's level of performance and successfully elevated to the highest attainable level through their weekly sessions. She was a formidable advocate for our seven-year old son during case conferences as she strived to get the best available help in the Carmel Clay School System."

Lauren Dungy



"As a pediatric occupational therapist that happens to have a son with Down syndrome, I wanted to find the best speech therapist for my son’s speech and language needs. I had a very good idea of what qualities and skills in a speech therapist would best meet his needs.  I feel so fortunate to have found Jaime Miller!  She has provided a very individualized and comprehensive treatment approach.  She uses a variety of treatment strategies in order to make progress towards his goals.  I love that she is NOT afraid to touch my son’s mouth and face when needed to help him with sound productions and word pronunciations through the use of PROMPT.  It has been extremely beneficial for his speech progress.  Jaime tunes into what motivates my son and uses that to assist with his weekly treatments to ensure we are maximizing each and every session.  We have experienced some speech therapy issues at our son’s school, but Jaime was right there to assist us every step of the way and even attended an IEP conference with us.  She is a rarity in the fact that she looks at all environments and really puts herself in our shoes as parents to know how to help our son to the best of our abilities.  She provides weekly ideas that are easily incorporated into our typical daily routine to work on over the week to facilitate the progress at a quicker rate.  My son thoroughly looks forward to seeing Jaime each week and works very hard for her despite it being hard work!  We have seen a significant amount of improvement in not only his speech clarity, but also his ability to speak in grammatically correct sentences. He is also exhibiting higher level receptive language skills, which allows him to be more successful at school. We continue to thank Jaime and feel very blessed for her sincere dedication in helping to make our son’s life better! "

Tyla Hudon, OTR



"Thank you for all you did to help me improve at saying the "r" sound. I have noticed much improvement when speaking. Before I came to you, nobody could understand my speech. Now, everybody can understand my speech!  I would definitely recommend you as a speech teacher."

Male Articulation student who saw Jaime

11 and a half years old