Why Choose Us? 

We offer the following based on the needs of each individual child:

  • Speech and Language therapy session planning to meet each child's individual goals and objectives
  • Looking at the whole picture of a child each time he or she is seen, and taking notice of any new areas of weakness that need to be evaluated and/or targeted
  • Educating parents on their rights for their child(ren) in local school systems
  • Assisting with creating appropriate services for children receiving speech and language therapy through public or private schools
  • Attending Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings upon request
  • Setting, modifying, and adjusting goals based on data taken during each therapy session
  • Actively listening to parent's concerns about their child(ren)
  • Genuine interest in the children and their families.
  • Willingness to collaborate with any other professionals that are working with the child being treated (with parent permission) such as Psychologists, School Teachers, Childcare Providers, Peditricians, School Speech and Language Pathologists, etc.


Techniques used during therapy sessions:

  • Behavior modification is provided, if necessary, to collaborate with the intervention that the parents or other professionals are currently using
  • Behavior strategies are recommended, when necessary, to assist the child in making progress with speech and language therapy
  • Groups, based on age and ability, are created during the summer to assist with improving social skill interactions
  • Visual schedules are created, when appropriate, to assist with maintaining attention or to provide a pictorial representation of activities during the speech and language therapy session
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